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Best Airlines Rep


(Environmental, Social, Governance) Policies

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the social events that occurred during it have

highlighted more than ever the fact that a company’s approach to responsible business

needs to be forward-looking.

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More than ever, our clients see us as partners helping them prioritize the sustainability and social impact in their operations.

Best Airlines Rep has a holistic approach to responsible business that provides

continuity while demonstrating the ability to continually adapt and improve. Despite the daunting challenges of the past, Best Airlines Rep efforts to do business more responsibly have never wavered.

Business resiliency is rooted in the resiliency of our company culture

Best Airlines Rep would not have survived the recent challenges, without dedication and sacrifice.

We dialed up our support for culture with initiatives such as a Work from Home, shorter shifts, availability of tele-working and an employee support network. We set up team building events and increased the frequency and transparency of communication to all employees, to build trust and understanding about the challenges we faced.

Our increased attention for employee wellbeing has cascaded to our products, services and clients, and how Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) are shaping our recruitment and retention of talent. Responsible business is deeply integrated in what matters the most to our customers and employees.

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Our Responsible Business domains

These Responsible Business domains help us to monitor our progress:

Responsible Business Governance: implementing the Responsible Business strategy day-to-day.

Ethics and Business Behavior: we ensure we conduct business ethically, including our supply chain, partners and clients.

Environment: we minimize the environmental impacts of the company

Responsible Products and Services: we integrate Responsible Business into our product and service offerings

Best Airlines Rep Team

The team of Best Airlines Rep is constantly developing strategies and programs to facilitate sharing information, monitoring performance, and ensuring that we meet our commitments.


Sustainable Development Goals and Targets

Quality Education: we champion education and employability for young people as part of our community involvement strategy in each of our offices.

Gender equality: 50% of our employees are women and they made up for 30% of all director-level roles and above.

Climate Action: We are committed to identifying and mitigating climate-related risks for our clients and our employees.


Carbon offsetting

Planning our internal meetings and events responsibly is a clear way for us to improve our environmental footprint.

Best Airlines Rep collaborates with organizers of key internal meetings and events to ensure

that they are planned in the most environmentally and socially conscious way possible.


Risk management governance

Our Crisis Management provides updates at regular intervals.

We meet quarterly to discuss a broad range of risks and put together an oversight of Best Airlines Rep governance policies and practices pertaining to data availability, usability, integrity and security.

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