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Efficiency on the front line, but also in the back office

At present, the handling and follow-up of customer complaints is probably one of the major challenges in aviation. It has never been easier for a passenger to express their displeasure. And regulations in this area are also increasingly known to the general public. Faced with this increase in possible complaints and platforms where passengers can harm the image of your company, there is a duty to demonstrate extreme rigorousness and careful monitoring.


A well-processed complaint can indeed turn into an opportunity. The opportunity to prove to your customers and to your community that your company’s reliability goes far beyond delivering transportation. A customer whose complaint is handled with professionalism can become one of your best ambassadors. That’s why at Friends Touristik Marketing we provide you with our legal knowledge of the markets and various specialists in the field who act on your behalf with efficiency and speed.


Finally, our IT department is also at your disposal. You can have a website in our markets, gain visibility through SEO campaigns, or even integrate online travel sales portals to reduce your costs with GDSs.

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