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A complete range of services for airlines :

You know it better than anyone else. As a business developer and airline decision-maker, it is crucially important today to make the best use of all markets. However, implementing one’s own structure in a new market involves a colossal investment which is very complicated to make profitable in the short or medium term. By opting for a partnership with our GSA Friends Touristik Marketing, many airlines from countries geographically far removed from German-speaking markets have been able to take advantage of the high potential of this region of the world much better and faster than if they had decided to create their own structure there. 


At Friends Touristik Marketing, 
we offer you a full range of services for airlines

•    Growing revenues and load factors, sales, trade negotiations
•    Physical representation at all key moments of the contract
•    Development and deployment of marketing action plans
•    Development and deployment of communication plans
•    Management of after-sales and handling of potential

      complaints from travellers
•    Back office, IT and accounting obligations


All in strict compliance with your guidelines and your brand image. In a nutshell, stakeholders in the tourism industry and travellers in the German-speaking markets will consider Friends Touristik Marketing as your ambassadors, the local representatives of your airline!


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