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Your gateway to high-income markets

Germany, with almost 83 million inhabitants, and an average income per capita of USD 47.000,-, has an incredible travel potential. The high puchasing power of the Germans led in 2017 to a total leisure travel expanditure of 73,4 billion Euro. The thriving economy and it's central geographical location in Europe makes Germany an important business partner, with 52,5 billion euro expanditure in 2017 for corporate travel only. Austria (8,7 million inhabitants) and Switzerland (8,4 million inhabitants), though being very small, bear a huge potential due to their high income per capita. Both countries are higher than Germany, Switzerland with CHF 79.000,-, Austria with USD 53.000,- in 2017. Germany, Austria and Switzerland count with 13.300 travel agencies all together. The connectivity and infrastructure is brilliant and opens numerous opportunities for transport companies.  


This is a huge cake of which every airline should be wanting to have a piece. No matter if you are a legacy carrier, a low cost airline or a start -up, online or offline, we will help you to drive sales and grow revenue from this enormous potential.

German-speaking markets,

100 million potential passengers

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