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Since  years  the  airline  industry  is  facing  challenges  

due  to  changes  in the economies,  political situations,

ecological  challenges, growing  airline  alliances,  

inflation and  fluctuating fuel prices.

But  the  main  goal  of  every  airline  is  to  make  profit  

by increasing sales and cutting costs.

Inter  GSA  is  dedicated to its  airline clients, investing  in  experienced  staff  in all segments. Knowing the   market,   organizing   events,   roadshows,   holiday   fairs, presentations  and  the  daily  service  

towards  the  client  is  top priority.    Inter  GSA  is  matching the  needs  

of  the  airlines with the needs of the Benelux & France markets.



 Inter  GSA  analyses  the  market  and  the  airline product,  seeks  opportunities,  defines a market approach and puts it into practice.

Inter  GSA  evaluates and implements  sales and marketing  actions, checks visibility and pricing,  organizes fam  and  press trips,

establishes contacts to media, handles groups requests,

negotiates corporates deals and incentive contracts.


More  and  more  airlines  realise  the  advantages  of  working  

with  a  GSA,  even  large carriers  see  the  importance  of  a local presence in the market.  Inter GSA’s success is reliant on the airlines success, which results in higher load factors and revenues.


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