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The aim of Inter Gsa :

Offer high quality service to our client. Work dedicated on the needs of the airline, tour operator or company in the tourism industry. Focus and use the potential of the market in order to increase sales with our market knowledge and contacts. PR : Personal contact between Inter Gsa and the provider or the customer.

Customer  service :  Help  the  final  customer  or  travel  agent/tour operator  on  a  daily  basis  with  our  servicing  department  and work on keeping existing clients and new clients with our sales department. Marketing : Organisation of events, roadshows, workshops, special projects and other marketing actions.

Sales :  Because  Belgium, The  Netherlands  and  Luxembourg  have  their own  travel  habits,  Inter  Gsa  offers  different  sales  people in  Belgium and  in  The  Netherlands  who  are  active  on  these  markets  for  years and  who  have  a  long  airline  experience  and history


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