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Servicing & Ticketing

4  people  work  on  a  daily  basis  to  advise  clients,  agents,  TO  and corporate  accounts  on  frequent  questions about reservations, ticketing, groups, procedures and pricing for the Benelux countries. Providing a personal service for the airline to the market. Dedicated telephone and email adresses are being provided for every airline. Training and communication of our staff in pricing, CRS, groups, procedures and conditions. Support the sales team on events, presentations, roadshows, seminars and holiday fairs. Dedicated staff in the call center for large accounts.




We have a vast airline experience, and a sound knowledge of destinations,  pricing, procedures, groups business and airline accounting. Airlines benefit from our experience and have a direct access to the market, which reflects immeaditely on sales figures. We organise events, seminars  and  presentations  with  tourism  professionals  in  order  to  promote  the  brand,  the  product  and  the destination. Our sales teams work closely with the respective head offices in order to achieve the best results for our clients.

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