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The  Benelux & France markets  are  complex,  very  diverse and  have  four  identities. Inter GSA is present  in  the  three  countries,  offering the best service for airlines. Our team speaks English, Dutch, French and Spanish. Our  sales  team  is well  known  in  the  market   and  the contact is kept by regular visits to our clients.  We  monitor pricing strategies, we report competitor benchmarking  of TO  Fares,  Nego  Fares,  Corporate  Fares,  Student  Fares, Marine Fares and airpasses.  We develop and implement marketing and sales strategies, we negotiate incentive agreements with key players and search for new market segments. An excellent communication with the airlines head office is a must for Inter GSA. 
If  an  airline  is  looking  for  a dedicated and exclusive GSA, and  does not  want to become  just a  number  in  a  long  list  of  airlines,  then Inter GSA is the right choice for Benelux & France.


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