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IT implementations and solutions

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Connectivity and systems integration through XML, claim handling, destination marketing, representation of tourist boards, cruise lines and hotels


IT implementations and solutions

Connectivity and system 
integrations through XML 

In an increasingly connected world, an online presence is essential. Through our XML webservice systems, we integrate your product inventories into the largest online travel agencies (OTA) and into flight comparison tools for increased visibility and sales.


Claim handling

Because life and business activity are unfortunately not a bed of roses, we manage all claims from your passengers. This gives you peace of mind that everything is properly handled even when not everything has gone well.


Destination marketing

As part of our duties to various tourist boards, we work together to draw up marketing plans and make destinations better known to target audiences. This online and offline destination marketing improves the visibility of the countries, regions and cities represented in markets covered while enticing customers and guaranteeing more visitors.


Representation of
cruise companies

In addition to airline representation, we also use our know-how, our expertise and our networks in the tour operator industry to ensure that cruise companies are represented in our different markets. Encouraging people to discover the world by sea is also part of our job.


Representation of hotels

Whether you run an independent hotel or manage a hotel chain, we guarantee you a complete range of hotel representation services. Want to improve your occupancy rate and your RevPar? Contact us and we will open up new markets.


Representing you is our job!
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